5 Clever Gifts for Hikers

5 Clever Gifts for Hikers I’m not a big fan of gift giving, but I’m a giant fan of experiences. Thus, if I can give a gift that enhances an experience, I’m all for it. Here are my five clever gift suggestions for the hikers, urban hikers, and walkers in your life. This holiday season, Read more about 5 Clever Gifts for Hikers[…]

Get Ready Remote Denver

What Is Remote Denver? You may have seen the ads for Remote Denver. This production put on by Denver Center for the Performing Arts promises a surreal, immersion experience as you walk in a group through downtown Denver. It’s exactly that. What Does that Mean? Let’s just say you might do any of the following: Read more about Get Ready Remote Denver[…]

Outdoor Retailer Gear Review

Great Changes Coming to Outdoor Gear After being completely overwhelmed at the giant Outdoor Retailer’s show in Denver this past weekend, I’ve emerged from the adrenaline fog. Three major themes jumped out of the Colorado Convention Center, and they’re worth sharing with you. Theme 1: Urban Hiking Shoes These retailers are on to the hottest Read more about Outdoor Retailer Gear Review[…]

5 Stocking Stuffer Gifts for Urban Hiker

What Gift Should You Get for your Urban Hiker? It seems all of my friends are urban hikers. They like to explore the sidewalks and trails around their city, and they need particular gear just for urban hiking. Here’s what’s on my list for the urban hikers in my life. They’ll all fit nicely into Read more about 5 Stocking Stuffer Gifts for Urban Hiker[…]