Get Ready Remote Denver

What Is Remote Denver? You may have seen the ads for Remote Denver. This production put on by Denver Center for the Performing Arts promises a surreal, immersion experience as you walk in a group through downtown Denver. It’s exactly that. What Does that Mean? Let’s just say you might do any of the following: Read more about Get Ready Remote Denver[…]

Marston Urban Hiking Denver

Marston–Drink a Glass If you ever wondered where your Denver glass of tap water comes from, you need to walk in Marston. Way out on the west side, when you think you’ve reached Lakewood, is Marston. The backwards-shaped C neighborhood includes Lake Marston–a fancy name for the Marston Reservoir, home to Denver’s drinking water. Piped Read more about Marston Urban Hiking Denver[…]

Southmoor Urban Hiking Denver

Southmoor Urban Hiking Denver Sitting between Cherry Hills and I25 can’t be easy. At one time, Southmoor was part of the South Hampden neighborhood. They split off, becoming Southmoor. Shaped like a sideways bow tie, the neighborhood’s north homes neatly trimmed yards, and its southern neighbors live in multi-family dwellings. In the middle is Jefferson Read more about Southmoor Urban Hiking Denver[…]

Skyland and Whittier Urban Hiking Denver

Two Neighborhoods Separated by Race It’s important to walk Skyland and Whittier together; their history is intertwined in a story of integration. Race Street, particularly, runs through the middle of these two neighborhoods. Together, these neighborhoods tell the story of remembering. We learned so much walking both of them in one day. Whittier sits with Read more about Skyland and Whittier Urban Hiking Denver[…]

Speer Urban Hiking Denver

Speer Urban Hiking No One Lives Here Shhh! Here’s the funny thing about Speer. It’s the neighborhood with the most millennials in Denver (42% of the neighborhood’s population is between 25-34!), yet lots of folks don’t know they live here. That’s a funny thing living in one of the most convenient neighborhoods in Denver, yet Read more about Speer Urban Hiking Denver[…]