March 18, 2016


Two Great Books for Denver by Foot.

Get a sample chapter of Walking Denver’s Neighborhoods.

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As Denver’s Urban Hiker

A prolific writer, Chris Englert‘s new book, The Best Urban Hikes: Denver is available on Amazon and your local bookstore.

The Best Urban Hikes Denver

30 great hikes within Denver’s C-470 loop

• Easy-to-follow routes along trails and through Denver’s neighborhoods
• Urban hikes for all abilities, with routes ranging from 2 to 8 miles.
• Special coverage of the 9 Creeks Loop, a 41-mile urban hike on Denver’s best trails.

When all you want to do is lace up your shoes and get on a trail, turn to these urban walks, which take you through 30 local nature areas with many choices that are just a few minutes’ drive from home. Varying from 2-8 miles, these routes are Denver’s best urban hikes and the trial descriptions are supplemented with maps and anecdotes that invite you to explore.

As Denver Neighborhood Expert!

Walking Denver’s Neighborhoods

Denver, a great city to walk, has 78 neighborhoods just waiting for you to explore. From Athmar Park to Windsor, come read the short histories of each neighborhood, see pictures that invite you to walk, and then read the routes. With an interactive map for each neighborhood, you’ll find routes and turn-by-turn directions for walking all 78 neighborhoods. Organized alphabetically, enjoy Denver from a pedestrian point of view. Each map offers a safe, enjoyable walk through the major landmarks and parks of each neighborhood. Learn about Denver on foot, get some exercise, and really get to know this fabulous city. With 78 neighborhoods to choose from, walk one or walk them all! This is a perfect book to set up as a challenge. Walk one neighborhood a week for more than a year, one neighborhood a day throughout the summer, or one every day until you’re done. No matter how you tackle the book, you’ll experience all that Denver can offer by foot. In an ebook. Available on Kindle only (you can download the free app if you don’t have a Kindle.)

As the Walking Traveler

As the Walking Traveler, Chris has also released an ebook. Available on Kindle only (you can download the free app if you don’t have a Kindle.)

walking traveler

Travel Magic Postcards:
Vignettes from the Walking Traveler

Travel Magic appears unexpectedly, turning travels’ moments into memories. Wander-lust through these postcards from the Walking Traveler’s round-the-world adventures with the Hubs and the Tween. Read excerpts from trips to Moscow, Machu Picchu, Prague, The Galapagos, Greece, Peru, Iceland and Germany.


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