5 Clever Gifts for Hikers

5 Clever Gifts for Hikers I’m not a big fan of gift giving, but I’m a giant fan of experiences. Thus, if I can give a gift that enhances an experience, I’m all for it. Here are my five clever gift suggestions for the hikers, urban hikers, and walkers in your life. This holiday season, Read more about 5 Clever Gifts for Hikers[…]

Drive and Walk Lariat Loop Denver

Drive and Walk Lariat Loop Back in the 1920s when the City of Denver was on a buying spree to buy land in the mountains for its residents, it was also building a road to connect the residents to the new Denver Mountain Parks. This twisty, hairpin-turny, ribbon of concrete, called the Lariat Loop (see Read more about Drive and Walk Lariat Loop Denver[…]

Urban Hiking and Your 5 Senses

Urban Hiking Wakes Up the 5 Senses Research shows that walking activates your entire body. But throw in a bit of urban hiking, and your senses hyper activate, becoming aware of your surroundings intensely. On an urban hike, you might smell fresh coffee roasting at the nearby roaster, you might hear a cellist practicing in Read more about Urban Hiking and Your 5 Senses[…]

Elyria Swansea Urban Hiking Denver

We Were Here First With such gratitude, one of Elyria-Swansea’s community leaders joined us on our weekly neighborhood walk. Rather than a tour of the neighborhood, Candi Cdebaca told us her neighborhood’s point of view about the I70 expansion (known as Ditch the Ditch) as we walked her childhood streets. Here’s the summary of her Read more about Elyria Swansea Urban Hiking Denver[…]