April 25, 2017

Hire a Guide

High Line Canal Segment 8 eatwalklearn

There are hundreds of ways to "do the High Line" or "do the 9 Creeks" on foot.

Both are easy to walk, but they can be hard to navigate. Hire yourself a guide, and you'll have a better chance of completing all 71 miles of the High Line or all 42 of the 9 Creeks.

Up for a 4-day challenge?

How about 2, 4-day weekends?

What about a 10-day walking vacation?

Want to go slower and do 14 segments over 3 months?

How do you want to enjoy your urban hike?

Hire a Guide, and the answers get easier.

Just email me: [email protected]

*Note: There is no camping along the High Line nor the 9 Creeks, although camping in Denver is available, but not off the trail.