April 25, 2017

High Line Canal Segments

The High Line Canal, at 71 miles long, runs from Waterton Canyon to Green Valley Ranch, just south of Denver International Airport. Zigging, curving, and zagging, this trail of asphalt, concrete and soft surface, meanders through urban, rural, and suburban metro Denver. Only rising 200 feet over its length, the trail is relatively flat and easily traversed by walkers, hikers, rollers, and bikers.

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The trail breaks into 14 segments averaging 5 miles a piece, with the shortest segment being 4 miles and the longest being 8. Feel free to combine segments, break them in half, or attempt the entire trail in 4 days.

The southern half features the foothills and vast front range views; the northern half features the prairies and vast grassy views. Both views combine for the best of what Denver has to offer, with a fabulous tromp through water history and land rights.

Southern Segments          

Segment 1

Segment 2

Segment 3

Segment 4

Segment 5

Segment 6

Segment 7

Northern Segments

Segment 8

Segment 9

Segment 10

Segment 11

Segment 12

Segment 13

Segment 14

Please note, prior to Summer 2017, the segment numbers started with 1 at mile marker 71 near Denver International Airport. The segments have been flipped. Now, segment 1 is in Waterton Canyon, matching up with mile marker 0. You may see previous references to the old numbering system. Maps used with permission from the High Line Canal Conservancy.