Walking in Denver Leads to Walking Vacations

Why Do I Walk So Much? You’ve seen me post all about my walking and urban hiking around Denver. I’ve posted short hikes, long walks, medium ambles. By the way, take a look at those weekly Denver suggestions right here! I walk usually at least 10000 steps a day, and I only know that because Read more about Walking in Denver Leads to Walking Vacations[…]

Hilltop Urban Hiking Denver

Denver’s Top Hilltop, Denver’s highest neighborhood, is bordered on the west by Colorado Boulevard, on the north by Severn Ave and on the south by East Alameda Avenue. The Eastern border is uneven, but includes Monaco Parkway at the northeast corner of the neighborhood and then zigzags south and west to the west of Crestmoor Read more about Hilltop Urban Hiking Denver[…]

Highland Urban Hiking Denver

Everyone from Everywhere Everyone wants to be in Highland (notice, no “s”.) Residents call it “Highlands”, “LoHi”, “North Denver”….But no matter what folks call it, the City of Denver calls it Highland–the area of West 38th Avenue to the north, a Union Pacific Railroad line on the east, the South Platte River to the southeast, Read more about Highland Urban Hiking Denver[…]

Goldsmith Urban Hiking Denver

Smack in between DTC and Downtown Goldsmith, the neighborhood halfway between Denver Tech Center and Downtown, originally shared its boundaries with South Denver before it annexed to Denver. Folks from this area at the time didn’t want to associate with the ruckus of the wild west, and instead took its cues from Denver University to Read more about Goldsmith Urban Hiking Denver[…]

Hampden Kennedy Urban Hiking Denver

Come South and Walk With three neighborhoods right next to each other making a u-shape, I decided to combine Hampden, Hampden South and Kennedy into one big, 5-mile walk. With not much history to explore, but some great trails and parks within, this 6-mile urban hike finds some fun sights and interesting creek crossings. Mr Read more about Hampden Kennedy Urban Hiking Denver[…]