April 16, 2018

Denver Hiking Club

When you are looking for other like-minded outdoor enthusiasts, there is no better place than to meet than along the trail! Urban hiking in Denver is a social activity, perfect for making new friends and enjoying the journey as a group.

If you are looking for a group of individuals to hike with, we recommend checking out the wide variety of hiking clubs available within and around Denver. We’ve outlined a few of our favorite ways to find other hikers below.

Join a Denver Hiking Club on Meet-up

Join the Mile High Ramblers for great walks and urban hikes within Denver.

Join the Colorado Mountain Club

The Colorado Mountain Club is one of the more advanced groups you can be be a part of. With over 100 years of experience hosting events throughout the state, the CMC Adventure travel knows everything there is to know about experiencing the best of Colorado. Join them and learn new skills like Avalanche avoidance or sign up your teenagers for a mountaineering adventure.

Sign for Walk2Connect

Walk2Connect is the world’s only walking co-op. With 40-60 free walks a week along the front range, you’ll find your vibe, friends, and connection with Walk2Connect.

Hire a Guide

Looking for the best way to take a group of friends out on the trails for the first time? You can hire Denver’s Urban Hiking expert to join along on your adventure and provide navigation and tips to ensure your Denver Hiking journey is a success.

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