April 11, 2018

Denver Colorado Altitude

At one mile above sea level, Denver, Colorado altitude can be a surprising experience for those who have never spent time at elevation. Thanks to the dozens of urban hiking trails throughout the city, you can help avoid altitude sickness and still enjoy your time in the Denver elevation.

Many visitors to Denver head in from the airport and immediately drive directly up the mountains. Upon arriving in the higher elevation, visitors are surprised at how unwell they feel. We recommend taking the time to acclimate to the changes you are experiencing within Denver elevation before journeying into the higher elevation mountains.

When you choose to hike within the city, it is less likely you will experience altitude sickness during your time in Denver. Acclimate first in Denver before heading to the mountains and avoid extreme altitude changes to ensure your trip is memorable and fun!

Urban Hiking Denver’s Tricks Preventing Altitude Sickness

Drink plenty of water. Colorado is an extremely dry climate and dehydration can make altitude sickness even more likely. Try to drink twice as much water as you might if you were at home.

Pay attention to your exercise level. Even if you are a marathon runner, the changes in altitude may have a large impact on your ability to exert yourself physically. Pace yourself and pay attention to your body to know when it is time to take a break.

Plan to sleep in the Denver city limits. Oxygen levels in your body are lowest when you are sleeping. If possible, plan to visit the high country during the day and return to a lower altitude to rest each night. This can be helpful at preventing altitude headaches.

Gradually increase to higher altitudes. It can take several days for your body to adjust to the changes in altitude. Avoid ascending more than 1,000 feet per day if you plan to head to the mountains.While you acclimate to the the increased Colorado Elevation, join us on a Denver hike and experience some of the best trails right in the heart of the city.