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Overland Urban Hiking Denver

Walking Overland When two giant six lane roads dissect your neighborhood, sometimes it’s hard to find your identity. But with Overland, this community has managed to find a way to stay connected in west Denver. Blocked in by the Platte to its west, Broadway to the east, Mississippi to the north and Yale to the Read more about Overland Urban Hiking Denver[…]

Walking in Denver Leads to Walking Vacations

Why Do I Walk So Much? You’ve seen me post all about my walking and urban hiking around Denver. I’ve posted short hikes, long walks, medium ambles. By the way, take a look at those weekly Denver suggestions right here! I walk usually at least 10000 steps a day, and I only know that because Read more about Walking in Denver Leads to Walking Vacations[…]

North and Northeast Park Hill Urban Hiking Denver

Walking North and Northeast Park Hill Park Hill’s giant footprint to the east of City Park is actually divided into three “official” neighborhoods according to the City of Denver. For this walk we took on two of the three, North Park Hill and Northeast Park Hill. *editorial note: Please note that the challenge I’ve taken Read more about North and Northeast Park Hill Urban Hiking Denver[…]

Avoiding Chub Rub

Chub Rub. Chaffing. High Thigh Cry. You may not know it by its name, but most of us have it. It’s the uncomfortable rubbing at the top of your thighs between your legs, below your girlie parts. You know, where your legs rub together producing chaffing and uncomfortableness. If you don’t know what I’m talking Read more about Avoiding Chub Rub[…]

Montbello Urban Hiking Denver

Beautiful Mountain Walking in Montbello, you can quickly see why it’s named as such. From the neighborhood’s highest point, the view to west of the “Beautiful Mountain” is true. Here in the far northeast, between 56th and 47th, Chambers and Peoria, sits the most perfect suburb for walking. Planned After All After Denver annexed a Read more about Montbello Urban Hiking Denver[…]