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Elyria Swansea Urban Hiking Denver

We Were Here First With such gratitude, one of Elyria-Swansea’s community leaders joined us on our weekly neighborhood walk. Rather than a tour of the neighborhood, Candi Cdebaca told us her neighborhood’s point of view about the I70 expansion (known as Ditch the Ditch) as we walked her childhood streets. Here’s the summary of her Read more about Elyria Swansea Urban Hiking Denver[…]

Weekend Get-a-Ways from Denver

Denver Escape Plan this Summer With the summer upon us and the ever need to wanderlust, here are some suggestions for quick get-a-ways from Denver that don’t involve going west on I70. Your kids will love them too. Just Down the Road Painted Mines Interpretative Center: A quick day trip to the east, you’ll love Read more about Weekend Get-a-Ways from Denver[…]

Date Night at DIA

A Lovely Date Suggestion, DIA Date Night Denver International Airport, out in the middle of no where and plagued with conspiracy theories of anarchy and world dominance, is the perfect place for a romantic date night. Take the Train to the Plane First, you’ll want to get there by taking the A Train. Contrary to Read more about Date Night at DIA[…]

Chaffee Park Urban Hiking Denver

A Palette of Opportunity Denver’s military payroll grew from $3 million in 1939 to $152 million at the war’s end. No place is more evident of the impact of returning soldiers on Denver’s mid-century growth explosion than here in Chaffee Park. At a time when veterans urgently wanted housing, the subdivision builders of the time Read more about Chaffee Park Urban Hiking Denver[…]