Washington Virginia Vale Urban Hiking Denver

Washington Virginia Vale Urban Hiking Denver

It’s a long name for a neighborhood. Although the area contains Denver’s oldest home, the current configuration of this neighborhood occurred in the 1950s after over 20 annexations. Let’s imagine the name came from a compromise during the annexations where different smaller communities from Washington Park, Virginia Village and possibly the now non-existent Vale merged together. It’s a good guess. Nonetheless, this Denver ‘hood claims Four Mile Historic Park.

The Last Stop

Washington Virginia Vale shares much of the same history as Virginia Village. First was the Brook Ranch which claimed to be four miles from downtown and the last stage stop on the Cherokee trail. Through a long series of Denver annexations, the Ranch shrank to just around 12 acres, which is now the historic park. Running on the west side of Washington Virginia Vale is Cherry Creek. Leetsdale splits the middle; Alameda Avenue is to the north and  South Quebec Street is the eastern boundary.

A Few Consulates, Too!

The Mexican, Peruvian and Guatemalan Consulates sit here in this neighborhood, although the consulates don’t seem to be influencing the restaurants or the local neighborhood makeup. Most of this neighborhood’s homes on the southwestern side of Leetsdale are similarly designed brick cottages. On the north side of Leetsdale are larger custom homes.

Parks and Creeks!

The western edge has several super parks, including the large Garland Park with a fun lake supporting large geese populations. The Cherry Creek and its trail make the western boundary, offering up a walk or ride to either downtown or Cherry Creek Reservoir. To the southeast, you’ll find Jacobs Park. Thus, although the neighborhood does feel like Leetsdale is the belt around its middle, there’s good walking to be had. Enjoy this 2.5 mile loop.

Click here to see the route, map, and turn by turn directions.

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