Marston Urban Hiking Denver

Marston–Drink a Glass

If you ever wondered where your Denver glass of tap water comes from, you need to walk in Marston. Way out on the west side, when you think you’ve reached Lakewood, is Marston. The backwards-shaped C neighborhood includes Lake Marston–a fancy name for the Marston Reservoir, home to Denver’s drinking water. Piped in 12 miles from Waterton Canyon, Marston Reservoir holds 250 million gallons of water diverted from the Platte River.

Heart of Suburbia

If you were looking for suburbia on the way to Marston, you’ll find it in the Marston neighborhood. Roughly bordered by Quincy, Bowles, Kipling and Sheridan with a big chunk in the middle pulled out, Marston neighborhood homes every conservative big box store you can think of and the aforementioned Marston Lake. Sandwiched in between are high-density condos, apartments and cul-de-sac laced neighborhoods of 80-90’s homes.

What Marston has going for it is a variety of good trails. You’ll have to be creative in looping them together, but the Wagon Creek Trail, running along Bowles Lateral, provides a welcome getaway from the suburban streetscapes.

Click here to see the route, map, and turn by turn directions.

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