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Walking Overland

When two giant six lane roads dissect your neighborhood, sometimes it’s hard to find your identity. But with Overland, this community has managed to find a way to stay connected in west Denver. Blocked in by the Platte to its west, Broadway to the east, Mississippi to the north and Yale to the south, Overland’s got a narrow but interesting geography to tackle.

Montana City!

What started as Montana City, the first platted city on the eastern slope of the Rockies, then became the City of South Denver, and ultimately Overland, this area has had its share of history. A gold strike followed by famous rail lines, a city full of the rough and tumble troubles of a frontier town, and then a town that wanted to clean itself up, Overland has had a race track, a Superfund site, and even the beginnings of the Denver Country Club.

Transit-Oriented Development and a Fun SoBo!

Now with organized transit-oriented development, the bustling SoBo (South Broadway) development, and an attempt to remember its history, Overland manages to highlight its best (the Platte River trail, Overland Park, the Overland Golf Course, and a great light rail stop.)

An Ambling Adventure

While trying to walk the boundaries of Overland can be difficult and it takes a little imagination to cross Santa Fe and Evans safely, there’s a great urban hike just waiting to be walked. We ambled through industry, commercial, rail, trails, paths, sidewalks, homelessness, and urban areas all along our 3.5 mile walk. It’s an adventure more than an amble with plenty of interesting art and views along the way….kinda rough and tumble like Overland’s history.

Click here to see the route, map, and turn by turn directions.

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