North and Northeast Park Hill Urban Hiking Denver

Walking North and Northeast Park Hill

Martin Luther King, Jr’s facade appears on each crossing on MLK Jr Blvd.

Park Hill’s giant footprint to the east of City Park is actually divided into three “official” neighborhoods according to the City of Denver. For this walk we took on two of the three, North Park Hill and Northeast Park Hill.

*editorial note: Please note that the challenge I’ve taken on for this year is to walk all of the neighborhoods identified by the City of Denver’s City Data list of 78 neighborhoods. I am walking them in roughly alphabetical order, which is why N Park Hill and NE Park Hill are joined together. I will walk South Park Hill when I get to “S.”

Big Stories

From small bungalows to fancy cottages, the architecture throughout Park Hill varies.

Interestingly, Northeast Park Hill is directly north of North Park Hill with the same east-west boundaries of Colorado and Quebec. Northeast Park Hill extends above I70 to 56th Ave, stopping at North Park Hill’s northern boundary of Martin Luther King, Jr, Blvd. North Park Hill then continues south to E 23rd Ave.

A variety of homes throughout North and Northeast Park HIll

It’s a big neighborhood with a big story. Fashioned out of the prairies and farms to the east of City Park, the neighborhood grew northerly and eventually took over the original Lowry Field. The stories of the Barons falls more south of 23rd, so we focused our walk on the segregation story of the mid-century 1900s.

The Story Starts Here

Smiley school building

The schools in Park Hill, particularly Barrett and Park Hill Elementary, were the center of a segregation battle that started with Park Hill plaintiffs battling Denver Public Schools. With a case that rose up to the Supreme Court, DPS was eventually told to enforce bussing in an attempt to desegregate Denver schools. This decision led the way to national bussing changes in every school district in the country.

Dahlia Campus for Health and Well-Being – Mental Health Center of Denver

Our walk (see route below) took us past some of the relevant points of interest to this decision, while also enjoying the diversity and community of Park Hill. We frequently referenced The Park Hill Neighborhood by Thomas Noel and William Hansen to guide us in our turns.

Click here to see the route, map, and turn by turn directions.

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