Montbello Urban Hiking Denver

Beautiful Mountain

Walking in Montbello, you can quickly see why it’s named as such. From the neighborhood’s highest point, the view to west of the “Beautiful Mountain” is true. Here in the far northeast, between 56th and 47th, Chambers and Peoria, sits the most perfect suburb for walking.

Planned After All

After Denver annexed a giant tract of land east of the old Stapleton airport, Jordon Perlmutter smelled opportunity. He scooped up 3000 acres and brought the concept of a planned community to Denver, which allowed affordable, suburban housing. He designed Montbello–and if you’re looking for a walkable community focused on schools and one giant park, Montbello is your place.

Gardens Galore

Smack in the middle of the neighborhood sits the Montbello Central Park. Next to that is a campus of schools, housing several elementary and middle school options with the high school next door. Each school showcases gorgeous student gardens. Running around the campus, through the park, and in and out of the neighborhoods is a wonderful sidewalk system.


Just this year, Westword declared Montbello the fastest growing neighborhood in the country. With 30,000 residents homing typical 1990s suburban style homes and easy access to the airport, the interstate, and downtown, it’s no wonder people want to live here.

Our walk through the neighborhood showed us subdivisions with and without covenants, residents enjoying their neighbors, and activities being planned throughout the season. Montbello is a great place to walk.

Click here to see the route, map, and turn by turn directions.

See you on the trail!


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