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Come South and Walk

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With three neighborhoods right next to each other making a u-shape, I decided to combine Hampden, Hampden South and Kennedy into one big, 5-mile walk. With not much history to explore, but some great trails and parks within, this 6-mile urban hike finds some fun sights and interesting creek crossings.

Mr Kennedy Visited…

hamden hamden south kennedy urban hiking denver eatwalklearn

The neighborhood of Kennedy isn’t much of a neighborhood. With just a few multi-family dwellings, it’s biggest perk is being next to the Kennedy Golf Course and the Kennedy ball fields. Named after JFK himself after a sweet visit to Denver, Kennedy Park sits right next to Cherry Creek Reservoir as well. So if you’re looking for something to do outdoors, you’ve got quite a selection between golf, baseball, soccer, hiking, swimming, boating, and just plain old adventuring. Kennedy neighborhood boundaries are Dartmouth, Peoria, I225, Dayton, Hampden.

Welcome to the Hampdens

hamden hamden south kennedy urban hiking denver eatwalklearn

Hampden Neighborhood, sitting to the west of Kennedy, homes some of south Denver’s great parks and trails. Including Babi Yar Park, Hentzel Park and Bible Park, you can actually meander through them via the Cherry Creek Trail and the High Line Canal Trail plus a couple of local trails, which we did. (See the route below.) Hampden homes are mostly split level late 1960s to early 1970s and make up the Hampden Heights neighborhood. Hampden draws its boundaries to the east of Glendale, and roughly includes the area of Hampden, Yale and I25.

hamden hamden south kennedy urban hiking denver eatwalklearn

South Hampden sits south of Hampden with a commercial strip between the two along Hampden. The boundaries are roughly Hampden, I25, Yosemite and Belleview, and the neighborhood does jump I225 to the southeast and includes the I25 and I225 interchange. Denver Tech Center (DTC) and Rosamond Park call Hampden South home.

Trails Galore

hamden hamden south kennedy urban hiking denver eatwalklearn

Within these three neighborhoods, you can jump on one of several regional trails to get out of town. The Cherry Creek trail runs from the confluence of the Platte and the Cherry Rivers downtown to south of Cherry Creek Reservoir. The High Line Canal Trail runs from Waterton Canyon to Green Valley Ranch. Get on either one of these trails, and you can access over 300 miles of regional trail all along the front range. In addition, many local trails connect to these regional trails, so your adventure could continue forever!

Parks A Plenty

hamden hamden south kennedy urban hiking denver eatwalklearn

In addition to the great trail system, there are plenty of parks, too. From James A Bible Park (named after a Denver Parks and Rec maintenance worker) to Hentzel Park (lots of controversy there!) to Babi Yar (a must-see memorial to the Ukrainian Jews killed in the Holocaust), you could easily spend a day just enjoying the parks.

Regardless of whether you want to visit the neighborhoods, the parks or the trails, this route covers them all.

Click here to see the route, map, and turn by turn directions.

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