August 2017 - Urban Hiking Denver

What is Urban Hiking?

What Is Urban Hiking? It’s not hiking. It’s not walking. So what is it? Urban Hiking is an active walk taken in an urban environment that goes through parks, uses stairwells, crosses intersections, and meanders through the city’s obstacles of life. Rather than a walk, which might also involve a neighborhood, a park, and a Read more about What is Urban Hiking?[…]

Goldsmith Urban Hiking Denver

Smack in between DTC and Downtown Goldsmith, the neighborhood halfway between Denver Tech Center and Downtown, originally shared its boundaries with South Denver before it annexed to Denver. Folks from this area at the time didn’t want to associate with the ruckus of the wild west, and instead took its cues from Denver University to Read more about Goldsmith Urban Hiking Denver[…]

Hampden Kennedy Urban Hiking Denver

Come South and Walk With three neighborhoods right next to each other making a u-shape, I decided to combine Hampden, Hampden South and Kennedy into one big, 5-mile walk. With not much history to explore, but some great trails and parks within, this 6-mile urban hike finds some fun sights and interesting creek crossings. Mr Read more about Hampden Kennedy Urban Hiking Denver[…]

Jefferson Park Urban Hiking Denver

Still Here! Close to the oldest neighborhood on the uplands side of Denver, Jefferson Park has gotten lost in the LoHi, LoDo noise of its nearby neighborhoods. But the last decade has turned this neighborhood of mostly renters to a neighborhood highly sought after, and it’s having the last laugh. A Giant Park and Close Read more about Jefferson Park Urban Hiking Denver[…]

Walking 5280 Loop

Walking 5280 Loop The 5280 Loop is an urban hiking loop within Denver’s city limits that measures 5.280 miles. It’s also a marketing idea put together by the Downtown Denver Partnership to develop a walking/biking path around the city, to link neighborhoods and to connect people. Currently in concept, this urban adventure promises to be Read more about Walking 5280 Loop[…]