June 2017 - Urban Hiking Denver

Globeville Urban Hiking Denver

A River Runs through It…Globeville In Denver, Globeville is known for many things, most of which neighborhoods might not brag about. But on our walk through this crossroad-ed neighborhood, we found nothing but fun, unique, interesting ways to view Globeville as an urban hiking adventure. Take a look. Let’s Start with the Platte River Trail Read more about Globeville Urban Hiking Denver[…]

Fort Logan Urban Hiking Denver

Peaceful Suburbia After walking in Five Points earlier this week, ambling through Denver’s most southwestern neighborhood of Fort Logan was a peaceful change to the hustle and bustle of urban Denver. Over hill and dale, we found conservative ranch-style homes and an adventure into the Fort Logan National Cemetery. Read about our urban hiking trip Read more about Fort Logan Urban Hiking Denver[…]

Five Points Urban Hiking Denver

Filled with Pride “Five Points isn’t a neighborhood,” said our guide, “it’s a location manufactured by Denver’s Tramway and made up of several neighborhoods who didn’t want to be called Five Points.” Okay, got it. Thus, when you’re looking at Denver’s list of 78 neighborhoods, the City does call the area Five Points. It doesn’t Read more about Five Points Urban Hiking Denver[…]

Cherry Creek Urban Hiking Denver

A Cherry Creek in the Middle of Business Who knew “Cherry Creek” is more than just a mall? I had no idea that an entire neighborhood sits north of the mall, and it’s filled with some fabulous history of famous and not-so-famous tidbits. Here’s my narrative of our urban hiking adventure through Cherry Creek. Not Read more about Cherry Creek Urban Hiking Denver[…]