May 2017 - Urban Hiking Denver

East Colfax Urban Hiking Denver

The Haves and the Have-Nots I’m not here to describe a have and a have-not, as those that have-not might think they have, and those that have might think they have-not. But no matter what your perspective, East Colfax, nee East Montclair, is a land of the two with the wickedest street in America running Read more about East Colfax Urban Hiking Denver[…]

Cory-Merrill Urban Hiking Denver

Two Schools, Two Seminaries, and One Log Cabin In a neighborhood named after schools and containing several other religious schools and two seminaries, it’s no surprise that at one time it was dry–as in no alcohol allowed. Here’s the story of our walk on our Cory-Merrill urban hiking adventure. A “Town” of Boom But Not Read more about Cory-Merrill Urban Hiking Denver[…]

Elyria Swansea Urban Hiking Denver

We Were Here First With such gratitude, one of Elyria-Swansea’s community leaders joined us on our weekly neighborhood walk. Rather than a tour of the neighborhood, Candi Cdebaca told us her neighborhood’s point of view about the I70 expansion (known as Ditch the Ditch) as we walked her childhood streets. Here’s the summary of her Read more about Elyria Swansea Urban Hiking Denver[…]

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The Southern Half High Line Canal

New High Liners! We finished walking the High Line Canal– all 71 miles of this twisty, turny, serpentine shaped, treasure that runs from Waterton Canyon to Denver International Airport. (To read about our northern portion of this trip, see the Halfway Mark blog post.) On the southern half of our adventure, from mile marker 35 Read more about The Southern Half High Line Canal[…]

Congress Park Urban Hiking Denver

BungalowVille Perhaps Congress Park should be renamed BungalowVille. Sitting in the shadow of the ghastly tales of its northern neighbor, Cheesman Park, there’s not much that sticks out about Congress Park. But if you love bungalows and an occasional spark of difference in a stable and walkable neighborhood, Congress Park is for you. Here are Read more about Congress Park Urban Hiking Denver[…]