March 2017 - Urban Hiking Denver

Date Night at DIA

A Lovely Date Suggestion, DIA Date Night Denver International Airport, out in the middle of no where and plagued with conspiracy theories of anarchy and world dominance, is the perfect place for a romantic date night. Take the Train to the Plane First, you’ll want to get there by taking the A Train. Contrary to Read more about Date Night at DIA[…]

Chaffee Park Urban Hiking Denver

A Palette of Opportunity Denver’s military payroll grew from $3 million in 1939 to $152 million at the war’s end. No place is more evident of the impact of returning soldiers on Denver’s mid-century growth explosion than here in Chaffee Park. At a time when veterans urgently wanted housing, the subdivision builders of the time Read more about Chaffee Park Urban Hiking Denver[…]

5 Denver Peacemakers

Denver Peacemakers–It’s a Movement Walking is the platform for life. As a walking leader of casual walks, walking tours, walking vacations, and day-to-day walking, I find that walking is the truth serum of love and joy in my life. I’ve always been a walker–starting with the parent-mandated walk to the school bus stop–but it wasn’t Read more about 5 Denver Peacemakers[…]

Civic Park Urban Hiking Denver

The People Gather Here The Civic Park Neighborhood together with its neighbor to the north, Central Business District, is about people. With 10,000 residents in the ‘hood and a giant People’s park bookended by government, there’s no denying the draw of these two neighborhoods in bringing people together to connect. Here’s my Civic Center urban Read more about Civic Park Urban Hiking Denver[…]

City Park West Urban Hiking

Rooted in Kindness, City Park West Our weekly Denver neighborhood walk took us through what I think might be the most kind neighborhood in Denver, City Park West. From open doors to inviting churches, the invite to enjoy this neighborhood came from several open doors and open hearts. Enjoy this write-up of our 2-mile City Read more about City Park West Urban Hiking[…]