November 2015 - Urban Hiking Denver

5 Unusual Things to Do in Denver

Lots of Fun in Denver My family joined me for Thanksgiving, and hosting fell into my lap. My sister and brother-in-law from Maine and my mother from Florida arrived with a week of “What are we doing today?” We are not a family who likes the traditional and expected, so no zoos, movies, malls or Read more about 5 Unusual Things to Do in Denver[…]

Hiking with Bison near Denver

Hiking with Bison Way before Denver appeared, millions of bison roamed the great prairie. And then died. Without going into the history of the bison massacre, let’s focus on how the bison are coming back. These 1400-pound beauties have found small niches throughout the Denver area to roam, and there’s even one place to hike Read more about Hiking with Bison near Denver[…]