September 2015 - Urban Hiking Denver

Product Review TurboPub

Stop Carrying Bags of Dog Food with You When I walk in Denver and lead my walking experiences, I generally do not bring my dog. But on the weekends and other times, when my family and I go hiking, we often bring my Giant Schnauzer, Zeus. He’s just shy of 100 pounds and 16 months Read more about Product Review TurboPub[…]

Ceptics Adapter Product Review

You Need this Adapter You will need an adapter when you travel, and for us, we needed one for our Round the World (RTW) trip that would work in Scandinavia (Sweden and Norway), Athens, Moscow, Beijing, and Mexico. Having researched many different adapters that cost much more money and didn’t do what I needed, here Read more about Ceptics Adapter Product Review[…]

SteriPen Review

Best Purification Tool for Clean Water while Hiking While my friends lugged their filtration systems to the creeks along the Appalachian Trail, I gleefully carried my SteriPen to the water source. I’m convinced the SteriPen is one of the best products to come along for clean water. Here is my product review of the SteriPen. Read more about SteriPen Review[…]