Berkeley Urban Hiking Denver

Berkeley Urban Hiking Denver Cesar Chavez sets the tone for our urban hike in Berkeley. Despite the scrapping of old homes, the transition from old to new, and the attempt to keep Berkeley from morphing into the something it’s not, it’s always about people. Berkeley’s Tennyson business district, the neighborhood heartbeat, screams out to the Read more about Berkeley Urban Hiking Denver[…]

Bombas Sock Review After One Year

Bombas Socks Product Review, Like No Other As with any new product, it’s easy to write a positive review once you use it the first time. With socks, this is particularly true. But I put my Bombas to the test for a year, and here’s my Bombas sock review. As an urban hiker and walking Read more about Bombas Sock Review After One Year[…]

Diane’s AHmazing Chewy Granola Bars

OhMyGod, Yummy, Chewy Granola Bars If you’re in need of a great, chewy granola bar that hits the spot along the trail, whip up a batch of these yummy happiness makers! From Diane Germain, used with permission. Diane’s AHmazing Chewy Granola Bars 1 C brown sugar ¼ C sugar ½ C butter-soft 2 T honey Read more about Diane’s AHmazing Chewy Granola Bars[…]

Belcaro Bonnie Brae Urban Hiking Denver

Belcaro Bonnie Brae Urban Hiking So let’s first set the record straight. Belcaro does not think Bonnie Brae is part of its neighborhood, and the residents of Bonnie Brae feel the same way. But the City of Denver does. Denver drew the Belcaro boundary, and it includes Bonnie Brae. So when we set out to Read more about Belcaro Bonnie Brae Urban Hiking Denver[…]

Bear Valley Urban Hiking Denver

No Bears on Bear Valley Urban Hiking Adventure Walking through Denver’s neighborhoods in alphabetical order, we see how the 1965 Great Denver Flood impacts different neighborhoods. In Bear Valley, the flood came through right as the neighborhood started. With split level homes throughout this hilly ‘burb, it seems like everyone was trying to get as Read more about Bear Valley Urban Hiking Denver[…]